My name is Renea and I am the Creator of Mommie Kreations. It all started when I was in search of finding myself and looking for an outlet to keep busy. After a moment in my life when I had completely lost myself and who I was. I had given birth to my three beautiful children, whom I love dearly, but it was hard work being a new mommy on top of simply being me. I had to sacrifice giving up my career dreams and I set the standard so high for myself it was almost impossible to achieve. 

Every mom must learn how to "be a mom" from experiences they encounter along the way. I learned not to be so hard on myself trying to be the perfect parent by not making mistakes. Nobody is perfect! Simply put, I couldn't give my kids the best me when I am trying to pour from an empty cup. At the time I was vlogging a lot and I talked about how I felt on my YouTube channel, and I instantly knew other moms could relate.

After experiencing motherhood, I knew I wanted to use my creativity to create meaningful memories that I could hold onto forever. So, there it was...A personal goal to capture every moment of my baby's lives (just for me and them). I did my research and spent a bit of money then I dove head first into unknown territory! I started by making t-shirts for birthdays, then coasters for the holidays, canvas for home decor, shadow boxes and so much more!

Soon, people started asking me to make things for them personally. I wouldn't have known my little hobby would gain so much interest. When the pandemic happened I took it more seriously and started to sell lots of wonderful things to people. The smiles on each customer's face and great feedback I received began to motivate me even more. 

Today, I have officially created great expectations of what Mommie Kreations, LLC will always provide to each customer. I make every item handmade with LOVE. I am very proud and thankful for the appreciation of Mommie Kreations! If this is your first time visiting -- Make sure to sign up for text alerts to receive all discounts and promotions (I believe in giving back)!